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This classic high-quality oxford is the perfect compliment to your business or special occasion wardrobe. Enjoy the impeccably handcrafted, closed lacing Amadeo by Angeleone, a timeless and sophisticated shoe for the discerning man.
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Amadeo - Italian Leather Shoes
Amadeo - Italian Leather Shoes
Amadeo - Italian Leather Shoes
Amadeo - Italian Leather Shoes


Amadeo - Italian Leather Shoes

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The Amadeo View:

Our professional shoes have kept their timeless silhouette for a long time. Suitable for all your professional wardrobe, this shoe is a shoe to surely compliment you without spending much time thinking about what to wear. It often just feels like a complete closet with having a nice pair of Oxford shoes in your collection. Handcrafted using premium materials from start to end. 

Key materials: 

Made from premium cowhide materials. This gives the show a long-lasting lifespan. The Angeleone team chose this leather allowing for flexibility, breathability, and durability. This leather will change in its lifetime developing a beautiful leather patina. 

Size Info: True to size

Made without the following:

Cheap Leather, fake leather, low-quality synthetic textures, and bad dyes. 

Pairs Perfect with:

- A formal suit for a wedding, meeting, any form of formal event.

- A nice leather belt of the same color and dark denim shoes.

From the Angeleone:

"This classic high-quality oxford is the perfect complement to your special occasion wardrobe. To keep these shoes perfect, make sure you always, keep them clean and shined up. These shoes will last a very long time and will stay in your wardrobe"