Fine Italian Design, Handcrafted Shoes

Why Angeleone and why your contribution matters

It’s very simple, Angeleone was created to help as much as possible both here in the United States and in third-world countries. We have successfully donated a great amount of money to children around the world. Angeleone releases blogs periodically to update you on our mission to help others. 

About Us

Angeleone sprang from a deep-hearted desire to help make others' lives better, specifically by helping those who experience hunger as well as those who are hungry for a better life through education. To educate on an empty stomach is inconceivable, and yet to feed and not educate, only solves the issue in the short-run. Our goal is to make a difference by helping in both of these crucial, and so intrinsically connected areas: food and education. We also help support children facing health challenges by donating a portion of profits to select children's hospital programs across the United States.

Angeleone brings you beautiful Italian design handcrafted men's leather shoes and Italian made sunglasses. Part of our profits are invested in education and food to make the present better and the future brighter for children across the globe. So when you walk with us, you are not alone. You enjoy exceptional shoes and sunglasses and you leave a legacy too!

Don't Walk Alone, Walk with Angeleone and Leave a Legacy!