Fine Italian Design, Handcrafted Shoes

A Message for the World

As we all continue navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic, the world continues to change daily. We have all seen the damages that a pandemic can cause. However, there is always beauty among the bleak. The struggles that small businesses like ours have had to overcome, while making things difficult, have also made us resilient. Even through some of the hardest moments we have still found a way to create a better tomorrow for those who need it most.

At Angeleone we are dedicated to serving those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Our mission is to help people all around the world and with your help as well as the blessings our Lord has provided us with, we have been able to make a positive difference. Last year we helped children in India. This year we helped feed a community in Africa. With your help there’s no telling what we can do tomorrow.

Our shoes are classic, durable, and a stylish completion of your outfit. With every purchase, a portion of our profits go towards making a better tomorrow for those with a harder today. The future of the children of the world is at risk, we ask that you help us with our mission to provide hope.

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