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Drugs: The Great Villain of a Stolen Childhood

InfográficoAccording to data from the Map of Violence, in the State of São Paulo, the most populous in Brazil, approximately 38 children, boys and girls, are abandoned by their parents every day. The data also reveal that the main cause, almost 50% of the time, is the consumption of drugs by the mother and the father. And this, without doubt, ends up reflecting in areas such as education and violence in general. That is, it is a vicious circle, where the individual ends up entering the world of crime because he has also been marginalized by his parents.

This fact also makes us understand that a structured family is the basis of any citizen. These data, although they are from Brazil - more precisely from the State of São Paulo - make us reflect that this is certainly one of those global problems that we must eradicate. Finally, in addition to leveraging all these problems already mentioned, there is also the problem of overcrowding of orphanages and other shelters for children and adolescents. All that is necessary is to analyze the problem from a very simple point of view. Abandoned children should be collected in shelters until they are adopted. The problem here is that we are talking about many children who have to wait until there are people who want to take responsibility for each one. That can take time, a lot of time ...

Knowing this increasingly alarming data, Angeleone allocates part of the money from the sale of its products to give aid to these entities--aware that if we cannot get over the problem, we can at least ease it. And if this philanthropic thought lasts, we can, and will, make a difference in the lives of many children.

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